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Glass Kingdom

One-Act Drama

Glassblower…….Female, late 50’s Artist, bohemian, alcoholic, bossy. In denial about her drinking.
Storyteller……….Female, late 40’s Glassblower’s younger sister. Writer, list-maker, difficulty facing reality.
Husband…………Male, 49 Glassblower’s mate and assistant.  A follower, crass.

Two sisters. One sister, the Glassblower, lives her life in the present with the help of demon rum. Her sister, the Storyteller, remembers the past, but is afraid to accept the truth, and escapes into a fairy tale. Both share a secret and can’t let go of the other. The Husband and the Storyteller engage in a power struggle for the life of the Glassblower. The Glassblower finally accepts her fate and the Storyteller learns to let go and dance.

Evoking the Past
Glass Kingdom, “a haunting memory play,”  received a “Jeffy Award” for outstanding original play in Jefferson County in 2011.
Steve Treacy—Theatre Reviews