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In both One-Act and 10-Minute Formats


Blue…..Middle-aged woman living on the West Coast
Red……Middle-aged woman living on the East Coast



Two women, with opposing political views, discover each other, accidentally, on an ichat. A conversational joust ensues, in which each woman discovers secrets about the other, and a mutual familial connection, who turns out to be a “double agent.” The women find out that they are not so different after all, that “blue and red” could possibly blend to make a pleasing shade of purple!



iChat by Judith Glass Collins breaks the spell with straight-up comedy about modern life (computers, political polarization). Both Blue…and Red…set up beautifully impossible gulfs of bicoastal misunderstanding before managing to violate their own stereotypes. The resulting moderation and compromise is a welcome relief to besieged audience members everywhere.
Theatre Review by Steve Treacy, the Port Townsend Leader